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Masked Memory is LIVE

We are so proud (and somewhat nervous) that our first game Masked Memory is out. 

The game, as you probably already know by now, is a classic style text-based adventure but with a twist. 

The game features an original soundtrack by Our Idea, a Music Company by Tekl Igokea and Eligos (in collaboration with guest guitarist Gabriel Hidalgo).

Masked also features a fully-voice acted experience thanks to Canaria Voice Productions (, an indie voice acting agency, that connected us to our amazing cast of 13 voice actors and actresses. 

Our cast (for our amazing cast's contact information, check out our website for links): Matt Armstrong - Narrator Blythe Melin - Masked Person and Officer #2 Kimberly Ismael - Natasha Minh Ton - Jackie Uoza - Mentor Caleb Hackler - Lover A Stephen Cumberworth - Vampire/Doctor Abigail Turner - Lover B/Receptionist/Nurse Joshua Walters - Stuart Jenni Harger - Senior Executive Mary Christian O'Boyle - Officer #1 Dracomies - Neighbor Razi The Red - Newscaster

For more information about the game, our studio and reaching out to any member on our team, check us out at:



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